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Why Natural Stone

3. Finishing Techniques Creates Variation

Natural Stone is Varied By applying different finishes to the same native stone, designers can create an aesthetic variety without having to introduce a new material into the project. Unique finishing techniques applied to natural stone can create a range of tones and shades—varying from light to dark or muted to bold—achieving interest and contrast. Every slab is unique. The finish applied to natural stone will have an important effect on how the material looks. While some choose a stone based on color alone, it’s important for the client to understand they are buying all the stone’s attributes—perceived flaws and all.

Therefore, it is imperative during the selection process the material be examined not only for color and pattern, but the surface looked at from all angles to evaluate its surface characteristics. Evaluating a stone’s composition will further introduce options for its use. The range in density, flexural and compressive strength, co-efficient of friction among other properties, help define suitability for stone use as pavers, columns, lintels and facades. Despite how much we know about stone through history and experience, we are learning more about its potential as a purely structural element, or its heat absorbing capability, sustainable merits and its true abundance.

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