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Why Natural Stone

2. Natural Stone is readily Available

Natural Stone is readily (and globally) Available Stone is available regionally and locally—with quarry sites within 500 miles of nearly any building site in Canada and the United States. It’s also abundantly available in nature! At the time of this post, a Google search for “natural stone slabs” yielded 42,000,000 results! Three of the top ten quarry operations in Canada are located in British Columbia, with four in Ontario and one each in Quebec, Nova Scotia and Alberta.

You can also find quarries and plants dedicated to manufacturing a variety of high demand stone in the North American market such as: Indiana Limestone, Cambrian Black Granite, Bethel White Granite and Barre Gray Granite. No matter where you go, around the world you will find beautiful buildings and structures that are characterized by their use of natural stone. The variety and diversity of stone is unparalleled by other hard surface materials. Even if natural stone is not the right selection for every project; it continues to offer limitless uses.

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