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Why Natural Stone

4. Save Money Using Thin Stone Veneer

Save Money using Thin Stone Veneer Natural stone use is not defined by trends, it is ubiquitous; although like fashion, some colors are more desired than others through time. Also like fashion, sometimes premium products get repackaged and repurposed to be made more affordable. Thin stone veneer is a form of natural stone veneer that has been sawn to approximately 1” thickness with a ¼” tolerance allowed. To be classified as thin stone veneer, each piece must weigh less than 15 lbs per square foot.

The introduction of these sawn, lighter-weight pieces create ease of installation and provide the appearance of full-depth stone without sacrificing any of its beauty—typically used in exterior stone cladding, outdoor living features and natural stone walls. Natural stone also ages well and retains its value. Whereas many building materials become unsightly over the course of many years, natural stone will transform with a natural patina. As an added benefit, it holds 93% of its original value at its peak which is a higher percentile than most other cladding options.

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